Jeffery S. Fraser - Talented Executive

About Jeffery Scott Fraser

Talented executive Jeffery Fraser currently splits his time between Alaska and Wyoming. A native of Kansas, Mr. Fraser enrolled in Baker University in 1977, where he played on a tennis scholarship and studied liberal arts for several years before leaving to pursue other interests. Throughout the 1980s, Jeffery Fraser worked at Foot Locker, Inc.; Webber Real Estate; Promation, and AT&T Inc. During his time with AT&T, he returned to school at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management in 1989 and his Master of Science in Information Systems in 1991. While working on his Master's thesis, Mr. Fraser developed the concept for several companies that he founded after graduation.

Originally called the Kansas Information Consortium and the National Information Consortium, Jeffery Fraser's businesses helped individuals and corporations do business with the government via several Internet applications. In 1998, several companies rolled together to form NIC, Inc., with Mr. Fraser as CEO. He and his family moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where NIC is still based.

NIC experienced considerable success in the marketplace, going public in 1999 on the NASDAQ Stock Market index. Jeffery Fraser retired from NIC that same year. Although the company was highly profitable under his leadership, the dot-com crash dealt a blow to its business, and by 2002, the company teetered on the verge of collapse. At this point, Mr. Fraser was asked to return as CEO. In his first year back, he was able to return the company to profitability, and over the next years, he strengthened both its business and value before again retiring in 2008.

Throughout his career, Jeffery Fraser has sponsored a wide range of new business enterprises. Currently, he focuses most of his attention upon reopening the historic Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska, with his wife Ingrid. In his spare time, Jeffery Fraser enjoys relaxing outdoors by hunting, fishing, engaging in bird dog field challenges, paragliding, rock climbing, and participating in other mountain sports.